Here’s what the Two Buds team is reading. You can also visit our Twitter @twobudsrockland. Farm to freezer: Why ‘fresh-frozen’ is taking over the cannabis harvest

October 9, 2019, By David Downs

The Daily Free Press: Cannabis Control Commission allows home-delivery of marijuana

September 30, 2019, By Angela Yang

Marijuana Business Daily: Historic day: US House passes cannabis banking bill with strong bipartisan support

September 25, 2019, By Jeff Smith Fats may complicate potency tests on cannabis-infused chocolate

September 2, 2019, By Rebecca Trager Bad weed is hurting cannabis research, scientists say. The DEA may finally fix that Commission Hears Privacy Concerns Over Marijuana Home Delivery Cameras

August 15, 2019, By Paul Tuthill 

The National Law Review: Senate Holds Public Hearing on Banking Access for the Cannabis Industry

Marijuana Business Daily: Massachusetts sets August hearings for cannabis cafes, home delivery

July 5, 2019

Cannabis Industry Journal: Environmental Sustainability in Cultivation: Part 1

June 24, 2019, By Carl Silverberg CCC Chairman On The State Of Marijuana In Massachusetts

June 6, 2019, By Barbara Howard

Marijuana Moment: States Can’t Block Legal Hemp Shipments Within Their Borders, USDA Says

May 29, 2019, By Kyle Jaeger

The Boston Globe: To boost equity, give public loans to pot startups 

May 17, 2019

The Boston Globe: Eight takeaways from the Spotlight series on the state’s burgeoning marijuana industry

May 1, 2019, By Todd Wallack

Marijuana Business Daily: Chart: Eastern US salaries top Western compensation in cannabis

April 23, 2019, By Omar Sacirbey and Maggie Cowee

Marijuana Moment: Study Finds Marijuana Motivates People To Exercise, Smashing Lazy Stoner Stereotype

April 15, 2019, By Kyle Jaeger

The Boston Globe: Bringing equity to the marijuana business will take more than talk

April 14, 2019, By Adrian Walker


The Boston Globe: In Massachusetts, people of color are the first to get arrested for marijuana – and the last to be licensed

April 8, 2019, By Naomi Martin


March 27, 2019, By Chris Faraone and Dig Staff

Check this Dig article out, which features Two Buds co-founders Grover and David! Today’s SAFE Banking Act Committee Markup

March 28, 2019, By Michelle Rutter, NCIA Government Relations Manager

The Boston Globe: Massachusetts marijuana shopping for rookies: Answers to your questions

November 13, 2018, By Dan Adams Marijuana in Massachusetts – what’s legal?